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It is located in Davis County across the lake of Great salt on the western side and eastern side of Wasatch Mountains. Thus the surrounding place of the military base also covered with many populations. There you can also find the activities as fun and entertainment for the people is also available. This base is one of the main bases of the US Air force. The base includes the host unit as the base with Air Base wing of the Air force material command. It is said to be the head service provider to the Air Logistics Complex. There you can also see more tenant units at the Ogden base which contains the air force reserve command as well as air combat command. Thus the headquarters of the base is mainly situated at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla. This base also has the support services squadron, commissaries, and exchange system. However Ogden base has no facilities for any emergencies.



This station is situated on the 80 km of southwest in Salt Lake City, Utah. This base is termed as the biological and chemical defense proving ground. It is surfaced over the area of 798,214 acres. It is far from the city and situated in the desert in order to satisfy the objectives which is mainly laid down by the National environment policy. Dugway base is expends on the process of the restoration movement. The Dugway proving ground is situated in the area of natural life. The services in this base provides financial institutions, exchange system, MWR Facilities with Geode trip, Dugway trail, Trap shooting and the other outdoor activities. In that base there you can also find the hotels and shopping malls for the people out there. There also available of medical services for the people which are the advantages that help to reach the hill AFB hospital.

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The base is a Department of Defense that also said to be DoD. It has the facility of ammunition equipment center and the conventional ammunition in the western region of United States. It is located about 40 miles across the southwest of Salt Lake City.  It is situated in the city of Tooele, Utah. By the same name there is a place in the county. Thus the town is surfaced over the Oquirrh Mountains. This federal facility is mainly located in the Valley of Tooele. TEAD is termed as Tooele army depot supports the mission for war fighter readiness. It is in charge of the conventional ammunition and the reception. Moreover, the issue renovation and the demilitarization are the same. Thus the facility which mainly helps to manufactures and designs the APE (Ammunition Peculiar Equipment). It is also taking care of the fielding and the maintenance. The base also has the service by providing official websites for sharing information on the activities and base service. Further information is that is there is no troops are staying in Tooele Army Depot.

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