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As we all know that, the United States is a leader regarding military forces in the world. It is said to be the largest military in the world ahead of many countries. Some of the major military bases in United Nations are


Fort Benning is located in Georgia at United Nations. It also covers the area of Alabama as well. Fort Benning holds a large number of forces operated at a time. Some of the main forces are Rail, Highway, and Air. The river called Chattahoochee also running through the fort. The military installation of Fort Benning also is used as setting for the TV shoots and Movies shooting since the year of 1940’s. It recognizes as the center of excellence for the teaching schools. Now it is turned as a home of Maneuver center of excellence, United States Army infantry school, the western hemisphere Institute, and the United States Army Armor School.

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Fort Campbell is located in place of Kentucky, United States, which is crossing the border of Tennessee. The military installation among the three, two has been situated in Tennessee and another one in Kentucky. Fort Campbell is said to be the home to the Airborne Division Air Assault which is mainly known as Screaming Eagles, and it is also called Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Thus the Fort Campbell is named in respect of the last Whig Governor of Tennessee and Union Army Brigadier. Nowadays the Fort Campbell hosts the Air school which is known as toughest ten days in the army. Fort Campbell military installation is fully surfaced as a city which is covers with the hotel, shopping mall, veterinarian, schools, post office, etc.


Fort Greely is said to be the launch site for anti-ballistic missiles which is located over the 100 miles across the southeast of Alaska, United Nations. It is named as the CRTC which is known as the Coldest Region Test Center. It is one of the coolest areas in Alaska. It also recognizes as a cold and extreme cold place. Thus the camp was built in 1942 as the field of Delta Army. During the time of world war, the Alaska Highway was built and existing to the road of British Columbia, Canada. There was in the camp a group of soldiers was maintains their training in the extreme cold.


Fort hunter Liggett is mainly supporting and named as after the general Hunter Liggett during the year of 1941. It is a United States Army fort in California about 250 miles from the north of Los Angeles and 150 miles across the south of San Francisco. There in the fort, we can see a lot of training conducting by the officials for the soldiers. It also used as a several numbers of activities conducting in the fort such as live fire exercises which are highly performed. It roughly covers the 25 miles in the North West across the Camp Roberts of California.

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