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Military Bases in Texas

Some of the main military bases in texas are as follows

  • Fort Hood
  • Fort Sam Houston
  • Red River Army Depot
  • Fort Bliss


Fort Hood is situated in Killeen, Texas and it is said to be the military installation. At the surface of 340 square miles, the fort hood stands tall as the largest active military in the US. It is also said to be the only post where the nation supports two army divisions to their full potential. At current scenario, It is the home to a 4th infantry division, a 1st cavalry division, 3d personal group, 3d signal brigade13th finance group, military police brigade and much more. During the year 2009, they lost 13 people as there was a shooting happened between the rivals.


It is also a US Military installation which is situated in San Antonio. It has also provided a primary mission of medical training for the various units of Army and helping as a supporting cast. It is said to be the home for the head quarters of the US 5th recruiting brigade, US 5th Army, the Brooke Army medical center, The US Army Center Brigade, US Army medical command, the US Army Medical Department Center and school, etc. Since the year of 1876, it traces the history of the establishment which mainly continues until the position is present. It has been primarily included to the National Register of Historic places.


RRAD is the primary target for the Closure reviews and base realignment for the past couple of decades. It plays the important role where each time it opens near the Fort Hood during the time of wars. Red River Army Depot is the most powerful and efficient depot during the date of response towards the base realignment. The surface area of the base is around eight million square feet, which is said to be the largest and the vast number of employers living place.


Fort Bliss is the military installation which is mainly situated in Texas. It is said to be that covering the areas of Otero counties and Dona Ana of Mexico. It was built in the year of 1849 which covered the surface of 1,700 square miles. It is said to be the second largest army installation in the US. It has the most extensive range of white sands missile. It is the main part of the US army it will use during the time of Doctrine Command and United States Army training. Fort Bliss is serving to the US with 212th Fires Brigade, the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigades, German air force air defense center, Joint Task Force Six and much more. Fort Bliss is giving the tasks for the US Patriot Missile Battalions with lots of training.

These are the main bases of Texas, where the military forces are available for the US nation almost covers the enormous number of employers under these stations across the Texas. There is also a large number of missiles are use to operate during the period of training.

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