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Germany is a country in central Europe and officially called as the Federal Republic of Germany, which covers an area of 137,847 Sq. Miles with the most populous member state of Europe. Germany is the second largest and most popular immigration destination of the world after U.S. Berlin is the capital city of Germany. The other main urban areas are Ruhr, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart.

Germany is the greatest power and the world’s fourth-largest economy in several industries and technological sectors, in both import and exporting goods. Germany is a member of the NATO, European Union, the G8, the G20, and the OECD. The national military expenses are in 9th place, in the world. The country has a temperate climate dominated by humid westerly winds.


German Military is organized into Army and Special Forces, Navy, Air Force, Joint Medical Service and Joint Support Services. Germany is the 9th highest military expenditure in the world.

Germany is the heart of the NATO – while NATO’s HQ is in Belgium, its operational center is in Germany. Most of the NATO forces are in Germany, and almost all NATO operations originate from Germany. There are 47 major military bases in Germany.

The U.S. presence is stunning, when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, with 250,000 soldiers and their family worked and lived in the main military bases. 70% of the U.S. military troops were stationed in West Germany, in Europe, during the Cold War. If the troops leave there won’t be any business or entity which can replace the money, which would be lost, as at present, the U.S. forces represent a huge influx of capital.


The Kaiserslautern comes first after the Grafenwoehr and Baumholder Training areas. Other famous Army bases are Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Ansbach, Baumholder and Garmisch USAG.

Stuttgart, a major military U.S. Air Force base, and fourteen other installations scattered across Europe. Operations at RAF Mildenhall will end, and the missions will be carried out to other locations. Ramstein and Spangdahlem air bases will gain personnel and aircraft, in Germany. Ramstein is one of the busiest airfields in the U.S. Force. Spangdahlem remains for the special operations.

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The German bases are much closer to the Middle East and Central Asia than bases in the U.S.

The U.S. Soldiers in Germany have the accesses to a variety of training exercises and can enjoy time with their families.

The American Military Hospital, at Ramstein Air Base, provides specialized care for battlefield causalities.

The role of American Military Forces in the Army Divisions in Germany has evolved over the decades.


Germany is the most populous country, in Europe, with 82 million people.

15 million people in Germany are of non-German descents, 18.5% of the populations are not Germans, and all are of American citizens.

There are nearly 700 zoological gardens, wildlife parks, aquariums, bird parks and animal reserves or safari parks in Germany.

Some of the greatest philosophers were Germans, such as Hegel, Kant, Heidegger, Schopenhauer, etc.

Germans are the second biggest consumer of beer in the world.

There were 5.752 museums in Germany, in 1998.

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